Wednesday, June 17, 2020

I solved the biggest problem I've had recently

One of the biggest headaches I've had recently was to get a software NLE (non linear video editor) to do friggen frame freezes. I edit videos in such a way that I can explain what I do on the screen which, obviously, sometimes requires to pause the video feed and let the audio do its work.

Up until yesterday I've been using Blender's F12 (or as you'll know it Render Frame) feature, then clicking "k" for cut and inserting the image in the place where I needed to do the freeze frame. What a colossal waste of time! And I've had that feeling for over two months but couldn't find a solution for it.

So I kept on doing it and I kept on searching for alternative software that would allow me to do what I need....

The solution

Sometimes it is better to look at the tools you already have at hand and learn them in more depth than just start looking for alternatives. This was the case Today with me and Blender. Blender is a fantastic NLE and I dare to say it satisfies now all the needs I'll ever ever will have. Especially now that I have learned the Shift-K (hard-cut) feature.

So the thing is there's a difference between a soft-cut (k) and a hard cut (shift-k). With soft-cut your clip will extend beyond the last frame when you extend it on the timeline. With hard cut it will essentially repeat the last frame which was what I was looking for in Blender for over A FRIGGEN MONTH!!!

God! I wish someone would have written an article about freezing frames in Blender....

In the mean time... keep on having fun!