Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Designing as small stable Core XY 3D printer

The journey so far

I have been completely swallowed by the idea of designing my own 3D printer. Just like that. From the day I have put together my Ender 3 that finally came in from Ali Express all I could think of was this project of creating the smallest working CoreXY 3D printer possible. I don't actually care about the possible print size (unless it is smaller that 1cm per 1cm per 1cm). What I do care about is making the 3D printer easy to put together and solid as fuck.

Currently I am at a point where the structure is in place (and it is a tweaked one I tell you), all the roles are also in place and what I fight for at this point is to make the mount for the roles stable enough to handle the Core XY load with 3D printed elements)

Stay tuned for more information on how this printer is being created :D