Saturday, March 12, 2016

Windows and Git - config --global not working

When you use Git and you're behind a corporate firewall that blocks access to remote repositories via the git:// protocol you're being advised on many sites to exchange the git:// protocol to https://

git config --global url.https://.insteadOf git://

That's all nice and dandy until you're on Windows where this just simply doesn't work when used from npm. I only experienced that problem on Windows 10 but I'm pretty sure it's going to be equally fucked up on any other version. The reason for it is that npm uses some kind of different user to clone the repos. Let's face it: whatever the reason is Windows just suck big time anyways.

The only way I found that would make it work and allow to install packages using npm is to do the same configuration but system-wide like so

git config --system url.https://.insteadOf git://

I'm far, far away from saying that life's good again but that piece works now.

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