Thursday, January 7, 2016

ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield V1.0 for Arduino Nano 3.0 RJ45

Wouldn't it be great? You put a shield onto the Arduino Nano which then fits perfectly into the breadboard and then you can put together anything you'd like using just jumper wires.

p>Well, it is perfectly feasible with the ENC28J60 Ethernet Shield V1.0 for Arduino Nano 3.0 RJ45 (the so called Web Server module).

The only problem is that when you do stress it out (for example using ab or siege) then just after a few seconds and sometimes after few minutes or even after a few hours the module will just stop responding and die. Initially when I bought it I was pretty damn sure it must have some sort of manufacturing problem and so I have ordered another one. Oh boy was I crushed when I learned the new one after it was being shipped for over a month came to me with the same kind of problem... Damn!

Internet to the rescue

I started (yet again) digging into the matter using the most sophisticated tool mankind has ever created (that'd be Lo and behold I found this post where a gentleman who goes by the name of mmorcos found out that a similar issue occurred when connecting a similar module to a Duemilanove. The solution he found was to put a more powerful power source than the USB cable. I tried it using an old breadboard module and now the module is being bombarded (coming up on 11 hours) at a steady 150 requests a second without a single packet being lost! Yeah!

Alternatively you could try powering the hardware from a USB 3.0 which gives 900mAh over 500mAh from USB 2.0

Happy hacking!

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