Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gitorious in EC2

Previously I've written a lot about how tough it is to install Gitorious. By that time the script I provided was the only automated way of installing Gitorious (for free) on the Net. I needed that script to perform a test install of Gitorious and convince management that this software is the right way to go. Now that this goal has been achieved it's not maintained anymore - and it doesn't have to!

There's a new kid on the block from BitNami stable - the BitNami Gitorious stack.

I haven't seen it in action yet but it looks very promising:

  • 3 installation options (native installer, VMware machine, Amazon EC2)
  • the automated installer has all the dependencies
  • It's based on a newer version of Gitorious - from May 2012

I'm downloading it now - will tell you more about the quality of this release soon. It it'll pan out I'm going to give it a try in Amazon EC2 to see how it performs over there.

Have a nice day!

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