Friday, June 29, 2012

Groovy 2.0 is there - but useless...

As much as I waited for the 2.0 release of my favorite programming language I'm grumpy about the quality of the release - or rather the lack of it. Here's why:

One of the most important (for me) things that have been added to 1.8 (I guess it was), the annotations to decoratively add logging facilities to classes is broken.
class Test {
    Test() { log.debug "Here" }
But the best thing is the error message:
Caught: BUG!
Until that's fixed I recommend sticking to the stable version.

Not a nice day,... unfortunately...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Syntax highlighting in less

I've been looking for this way to long not to make a note on my blog.

Syntax highlighting in less - Big thanks for the author of this blog post for making the contribution!

So what you do is:

a) you install the highlighter
apt-get install source-highlight
b) you enable less to use it by adding the following lines to your ~/.profile
export LESSOPEN="| /usr/share/source-highlight/ %s"
export LESS=' -R '
And believe me: life is really good again :)