Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grails, Hazelcast, Hibernate and 2nd level cache

If you'd like to use Grails with Hazelcast caching solution you need to be aware that there is an issue with Hazelcast compatibility with the version of Hibernate used by Grails (3.6.10.Final).

Reading on the Hazelcast Wiki you'll be tempted to use the "new" ways and specify hibernate.cache.region.factory_class. Unfortunately that doesn't work. See this bug report for more information.

But there is hope! Instead you can specify hibernate.cache.provider_class and everything should work as expected. Hibernate does all the adapter heavy lifting and life is good again :)

Anyways, Hazelcast is plain ecstatic - you should really give it a try and get a feel of what a good library feels like when you use it. It's awesome!!!

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