Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fatal dual mistake

The video material is in polish but it goes pretty much like this:

A group of anti-terrorists slams on doors of some people, kicks'em, slacks'em, drags'em over the floor, throws some grenades - basically they are dealing with some kind of bad guys. However they are "mistaken" so they say "Ups - sorry - never mind" and go one floor above. Then they do the same thing one floor above and again "Ups - sorry - never mind"... Third time's the charm, right? So there he is! The so goddamn dangerous car thief with a gun.


Is anybody with a gun a terrorist these days?! Why don't you guys at the police go and RTFM what terrorism actually is! And if you ain't got a manual about it there's plenty of material on the net about it! A car thief ain't one of them - that much I can tell you. He's a thief, probably a murderer if he kills someone. But if that really is the case that owning a gun makes you a terrorists then those poor man and woman have been terrorized by terrorists because they did have goddamn guns. Big guns!!!

It's outrageous! I can't believe I'm living in a country where a car thief is a terrorist, where innocent people are being treated as criminals with an "Ups! Sorry! Nevermind" attitude afterwards! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

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