Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hosting Git like a professional - Gitorious!

I've been struggling over the past months to find a way to install Gitorious on my private network to have the same kind of power in hosting repositories as GitHub or BitBucket. For sure Gitorious is not as powerful as those guys but it is more than enough for in-house development.

And tada! Here it is: the automated process of installing Gitorious on a fresh Ubuntu or Debian machine.

Here are the main components being installed:

1. Ruby 1.8.7 - enterprise edition
2. MySQL 5.1
3. Stomp server
4. Apache HTTP server with Passenger module
5. Lots of supporting utilities
6. Last but not least: The Gitorious application.

The procedure to install using this script is as follows:

1. Make sure you do have sudo installed (on Debian you need to install it manually!!!)
2. wget the script from GitHub in raw form.
3. Edit configuration options found at the very top of the file
4. Launch bash (_NOT_ just sh!!!) with this script (bash
5. Press enter when asked

One note: if the script seems to be hanging mid air (especially at the end of the installation where ruby interpreter is being invoked to add admin user and so on) press Enter. After pressing Enter the script will continue almost immediately.

Now this is a very basic installation of Gitorious. For example there's not Git over HTTP support available. But all the rest should be working just fine :)

Give it a shot! Give it a shot even if you don't need it :) Gitorious is an amazing piece of software and can help you out in Git administration like no other software will.

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