Tuesday, January 3, 2012

jQuery and posing JSON data to the server

Today a good friend of mine asked me how to post JSON data to the json-rest-api plugin using jQuery. As it turned out using $.post() doesn't do the trick...

Well it's not impossible but very inconvenient if you have to do it a lot. First you need to use the $.ajax() method, not the $.post() one. Secondly you need to specify the contentType parameter for the receiver to be notified that the data is in that format. And last but not least it is crucial to properly serialize your object to string.

The last part can be done using JSON.stringify() but writing this over and over again is painful. Here's a gist (raw) you can use that adds a sister version of $.post called $.postJSON that does exactly the same thing as the original one but sends data in JSON format instead of form post.

Parameters are exactly the same with the single difference that the default expected data format is "json", which makes sense if you're working with JSON services.

Happy coding!

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