Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why using a plain-text editor is a good thing

For the past years there's been a boom on the market for web applications. Along with that the possibilities for supporting technologies grew like never before. This has a two-fold implication.
First it is imperative that we recognize the need to write less and do more - that's where the new languages come in. Second it is obvious that new languages tend to emerge a lot faster than companies would like them to and as a result the fat IDE support is missing.

Obviously enough it's going to make for a strong case for plain-text editors (probably with some syntax highlighting like the good old vim or emacs). Those editors don't bother making deep sense of what the code really is. All they care about is that it is text.

"But I need refactoring support to be productive" you might say. Well, refactoring in new languages tends to be a lot less tedious than in (for example) Java where changing a file name leads to all sorts of changes that need to happen just to do this simple thing. New languages like F# for example (which is not all that new if you take into account its roots) have some refactorings kind of built in into the language and most plain-text editors support it out of the box. I'm talking here about method extraction and the way the Tab key works in most modern editors on more than one line of text.

In addition to that many new languages give you the power of succinctness never seen previously in specific areas. Take CoffeeScript or LessCSS for example. With those two new languages you can put together code in such a manner that when compared to the original language you'd write it in (JavaScript and CSS) can cause your head to explode.

At the end of the day it is up to you if you want to write more with (for the most part) good IDE support or if you're ready to give up some of that luxury in favor of more readable and less error prone code. But remember: the less code you have the less bugs you're going to have and that alone should make you want try out the latest inventions.

Have fun!

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