Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eclipse hint: Aptana Studio

I know I wrote the other day that I don't use Eclipse and I don't when working with anything else that Java. You just can't get away editing Java code on any serious level in any plain-text editor because the language is not designed to do it (like Groovy or Ruby for example). Recently I've been doing some research on what's available out there in terms of plugins and I've stumbled upon Aptana Studio. Even though I don't plan to code in Ruby any time soon I've decided to install it and give it a try.

All things considered I have found the one piece of that "studio" that has convinced me that working with Eclipse might be fun: the Terminal window :)

Imagine you're working with your project and all of the sudden you need to do some command-line processing (for whatever reason). With Aptana Studio it's extremely easy: you just right click on a node in project explorer or package explorer and select Open in -> Terminal :D

Man I like those little discoveries that make my life easier...

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