Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How I wrote my own version control system

This is what happens when people have too much spare time traveling from home to work and back 6 hours a day... They create useless software that allows them to pass the time.

The idea

The idea was to create something that'll be astonishing, maybe not new but great in functionality and to do it in Groovy. I thought what the hell - why not write your own version control system :) Let's call it pico

The credits

The piece is 100% cloned in idea (and most of the solution as well) from The All Mighty And Only True Version control system - meaning Git.

What's it doing?

For now it is really simple: it can commit with a message (the user interface is sooooo cruel - need to work on it a bit), dump a sophisticated log and checkout the latest version. It's faaaaaaar from being complete and most probably it'll never get where Git is today but hey - that's what passing time means :D


It does what it does and is written in Groovy! Granted that I can do better but trust me coming up with a working solution like that in less than 3 hours on a train was my point here - not the beautiful code :) The latter one is due some time in the future to fill the time...

The code

You can find the code as well as a batch file (yes, I am a Windows freak) here.

Have fun!

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