Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grails routing 1.1.3 released!

I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of the routing and routing-jms plugins. The major theme for this release is hot reloading of Camel inner-workings when service classes are changed.

So.. well... it works. For the most part at least. It wasn't easy but let's examine the changes and new capabilities one step at a time.

Apache Camel.

In Apache Camel there's no obvious way to force the routes to re-get the bean from Spring context. An endpoint caches an instance of BeanProcessor that's created with ConstantBeanInfo instance and that's pretty much it.
Thankfully the BeanProcessor instance is not final and is lazy initialized so if you force it to be null by calling setProcessor(null) the next time the endpoint is called it needs to re-create the processor and all is good. It's a pity no one thought of a "forceReinitialize" method in Camel but this way works too.


In Grails it is pretty much standard that you are allowed to overwrite the existing instance of a service class with a new implementation. This mechanism is sort of baked in into the core.
However when reloading services that are marked as transactional there's some AOP going on with cglib and caching that I couldn't quite crack so those kind of services when reloaded will produce an exception that says "SomeService cannot be cast to SomeService" or something of this sort. I'll have to get back to it some day and figure out if this is a general problem with Grails or if it is something I'm missing in my onChange handler. For now if you need your method to participate in transaction you'll have to manually call the withTransaction { } helper.

Bottom line.

The bottom line is that you finally can use the routing plugin to do normal Grails development and it should catch you with no surprise (other than the transactional services...). Go and give it a shot. Let me know if it works for you!

Happy Cameling!


Bob Griese said...
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Bob Griese said...


My company uses this plugin. However, nearly all of our services are transactional. If you would like another set of eyes on getting transactional services reloading properly, drop me a line at bgriese@3creek.com.