Monday, June 20, 2011

STS 2.7.0.M2 - huge dissapointment

I've tried it, I did it. I normally don't use IDE for Grails development, there's no point to it. But from time to time the urge to try something new strikes again... This time was no different.

I've installed the latest STS because there was the promise that code completion in GSPs work with the map elements you return back from a controller. A big lie! It's nowhere near working.

Next I've tried the most annoying thing ever which is the silly button that should take you from your controller to GSP. This thing didn't work ever and I thought since this is such an advanced version they finally fixed it. Nope...

But the most anger and fury stepped into me when I was done with installing all of the plugins and keyboard configuration. I've got about 30 keyboard shortcuts that I use in all IDEs and learning the Eclipse way just to use one IDE is plain stupid. So I've gone through the pain of configuring everything as I like it. Then the IDE asked me if I'd like to restart Eclipse because one last plugin has been installed (the git integration). I said no, because I was in the middle of finishing some stupid shortcuts like alt+up that for no apparent reason moves lines up and alt+down which does the same but down. After that I've restarted Eclipse and when it came up again all custom configuration was gone!!! About an hour worth of work was flushed down the toilet!!!

Screw this! Shift+Del in Far Manager and just as the keyboard shortcuts Eclipse ended up in /dev/null.

When I'll find an IDE that works I'll give it a shot. Eclipse sucks big time!

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Andrzej said...

And it break my project setting and was no able to build it because of internal builder exceptions (NPR)...