Saturday, June 18, 2011

GitHub migration complete

Hi there Git geeks!

Finally I've moved all my projects I'm working on (or worked on some time ago) to GitHub. I must say it's been a breeze to work with after I've got around to learn git at least at the basic usage level. Now a days I can't imagine going back to either Mercurial or (God forbid) Subversion. Centralized systems just don't work in opensource and Mercurial is just not Git :)

Quite honestly it's not so much about Git as a version control system as it is for GitHub as a whole. Every single feature I need from such a tool is just there for me to use. Issue tracker, wiki, ability to receive push requests.. And everything just works :) I know that offers a similar set of features but to my taste GitHub just does it better :)

I guess I'm just a freak :D


Tomek Cejner said...

Well, for me, clear advantage of BitBucket is that it has unlimited private projects - perfect for backing up my own projects :]

Matthias Hryniszak said...

OK there's the difference: I have a private Git server for private projects :) It's easy to setup on Ubuntu and you have full control over what's going on.

Tomek Cejner said...

I was trying to avoid setting up and maitaining private server, believing that service like GitHub/BitBucket is reliable enough to serve as a backup. And cloud is hassle free, and I am getting lazier with age :)