Thursday, December 30, 2010

Running PHP applications on .NET

Continuing my good fortune in integration between completely different platforms I've tried to integrate some PHP interpreter/compiler called Phalanger 2.0 with existing PHP applications and run them on .NET using VWD server.

PhpBB 3.x

Well, it was no easy thing to do but I've got it to work. And let me tell you it works fast!

One thing to note is that PhpBB did not like the included MySQL connector and I've had to download this one and install it instead.


Well, after I've gotten PhpBB to work using the right web.config getting this guy to work was just a matter of minutes.

However getting it to display anything is a nightmare on the internal VWD server because it does not support default documents. So everytime I wanted to display a page I've had to append some stupid parameters to the URL so that the part "index.php" would not get lost.

Others (phpMyAdmin, MediaWiki)

The docs here state that Phalanger 2.0 is perfectly capable of running those 2 applications but as practice has shown there was absolutely no way to bend them to .NET environment. Pity...

I'm going to check how things are with pure IIS and its capabilities for defining the default document :)

Stay tuned!

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