Monday, December 27, 2010

Rails 3.0 - more like Grails :)

Hi there folks!

I can't quite shake the feeling that the new Ruby on Rails in version 3 is more like Grails than it was before :)

Previously everything you did was invoked within the project. There was a script folder that contained scripts to execute. server, generate those are only a few of the examples. In Grails it is different: you get a global command called grails that invokes scripts from either the scripts folder within your project or from a global folder. Well, the new RoR works exactly the same way :) There's a rails command that does exactly the same work :)

Secondly there is the problem with plugins (or gems as they are called in the Ruby world). Previously you just had to know which gems you needed to run the project which was up to the original project creator to document it. In Grails we've always had the file listing all the required plugins in their respective versions. In RoR 3.0 there's a Gemfile file serving exactly the same purpose :)

Man I like seeing ideas being borrowed between opensource projects! This makes the landscape so much more difficult to choose wrong when selecting the proper platform to do the job!

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