Sunday, December 5, 2010

Grails vs JSF - 6 months summary

Hi there folks!

I's been exactly 6 months since I left my previous team where I've had to endure JSF programming for more than a year. Starting July 6 this year I moved to another team where I was finally able to choose the technology I want to work with.

Here are some facts you might find interesting when choosing the web framework:

1. JSF.

- previous project status: in progress...
- team size: 4 developers, 1 architect (doing nothing but breaking the code and managing people since he is the official manager for the team), 2 QAs (doing nothing because of how JSF works)
- project size: too big; needs refactoring into smaller pieces.
- project complexity: waaaaay to high; needs refactoring into smaller pieces.
- code coverage: less than 20%; needs improvement.
- current project status: STILL NOT COMPLETED, 6 developers, 1 and the same architect, don't know about the QAs, but one of them loudly complains he doesn't want to have anything to do with this app :D
- overall experience: I hate my job and I want to die

2. Grails

- team size: 1 developer in the role of architect, QA and programmer and 1 database master, separate manager that does what she(!) is supposed to do which is to help people and not to kill their productivity!
- project size: a lot smaller
- project complexity:
UI: 4/10
server side: 2/10
- project releases from ground zero: 3 (this was a green field project)
- code coverage: constantly between 88% and 98%
- overall experience: I love my job again!

So if you think you're one of the great software architects and you don't need to code because there are others to do that: QUIT YOUR JOB AND STOP DOING ANY MORE DAMAGE!!!
And if you still consider JSF to be a viable option: change your profession! You're probably better of in politics :)

Man, I needed to get that out of my chest :D I'm feeling lucky!

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