Friday, November 26, 2010

Grails, Quartz and JavaMelody

Hi there!

It was just another day, just another app... And yet another Spring gotcha that took 4 hours of my life away...

Let's start from the beginning.

We wanted to add Quartz scheduler to our existing app. The application was monitored from the beginning using the grails-melody plugin. All was nice and dandy right up to the point where we wanted to have the jobs displayed in the monitoring page.

The reason it was not displayed was that the Spring thingy that creates the scheduler is not a straight up implementation of the basic usage of Quartz pattern but it added one nasty thing to it: whenever a job is created it is removed from the central registry. I can't stress that enough that the path of least resistance has been sooo broken here!

What added to the disaster was that the guys that created the Quartz plugin forgot to make the necessary configuration option available to turn the misfeature off.

Result: it's just impossible to see monitoring of jobs in a humane way!

Here's what you need to do to make it work again (nasty hack - you've been warned!):

1. in GrailsMelodyConfig.groovy add the following line:

javamelody.'quartz-default-listener-disabled' = true

2. in spring/resources.groovy copy the imports and the definition of the following beans:

quartzJobFactory, quartzScheduler

3. copy the loadQuartzConfig private method and the line "def config = loadQuartzConfig()" from the QuartzGrailsPlugin.groovy

4. add the exposeSchedulerInRepository = true setting to quartzScheduler

That does the trick but it's as ughly as it gets.

Here's a working example.

I've submitted a bug report to the guys that maintain the Quartz plugin so that they make the necessary extension so that the infernal exposeSchedulerInRepository parameter is configurable.

Have fun!

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