Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grails,Teradata and TIME/TIMESTAMP fields

Hi there,

For a long, long time I've been searching for a solution to the incompatibility issue between Teradata server and Teradata JDBC driver in regard to TIME/TIMESTAMP fields. I've finally figured out what's the deal :)

Long story short the database has columns defined as TIME(0) and TIMESTAMP(0) which during updates from Grails (especially the lastUpdated field filled in automagically) causes a number of different errors to come back from the server (5404 for example).

The problem is that java.lang.Date instances are translated using a default precision (which is grater than zero) and the database server is dumb enough to throw an error and not truncate the incoming data.

Solution: update to the latest version of JDBC driver (tested with TeraJDBC and add TSNANO=0,TNANO=0 to connection string and live is good again!

I hope you'll find this solution handy :)

And by all means: have fun!

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